Hi, My name is Torben. I’m from Portland, Oregon and I’ve been interested in brains for as long as I can remember. I studied neuroscience at Bates college where it was very cold, then I studied neuroscience at UCSD where it is very warm and now I'm working on my PhD in Neuroscience at Northwestern in Chicago where it is sometimes very warm and sometimes very cold.

My research is focused on using digital signal processing, data science, and machine learning to analyze recordings from human epilepsy patients. We're finding new and unexpected properties of the amygdala regarding its role in epilepsy, anxiety, and respiratory control. My goal is to use these ideas to build the next generation of computational tools to understand how the brain works, and then apply these tools to improve neuroprosthetics.

I also mix house and techno music for fun and put it up here. I'd like to think they're good for studying and coding.
Email me! If you managed to find this somehow, I'd probably love to chat. torben.noto (at)

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